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Why I Stopped Blogging in 2017 & Why I Will Continue in 2018

It is finally 2018!  2017 was a great year and also proved to be a very challenging year for many.  I can’t celebrate 2017 without talking about the tragedies of the hurricanes, Las Vegas, and the unnecessary shootings in Texas.   It affected many people I know and love and I hate to see that happen to anyone.  Hurricane Harvey was way too close to home.

The Houston Astros won the World Series and I thought hell would freeze over before that happened.  The economy was better than we have seen in years and hiring was abundant.

Personally, I traveled to Nicaragua, Nashville, Cancun, New Mexico, and South Dakota for pleasure and Bulls Eye continued to grow.  I was relatively quiet on all social media fronts in 2017 other than sharing photographs of my family and was out of the recruiting limelight which I really enjoyed.

I haven’t blogged in 6 months.  I did this for many reasons and I want to share with you them.  I also want to re-assure you that I will be back in 2018.  I have reasons for wanting to write again.

Here are the reasons I quit blogging:

  1.  People are getting nasty.  People are getting downright rude on Social Media.  I must be getting old, but if you have something to say, say it directly to the person- not just on social media.  The ridiculous fights on Facebook.  The absurd political comments.  For those of you who are out there and “yelling” your opinions- I am calling you a coward.  Stop hiding behind social media and pick up the phone if you have something to say.  I can guarantee you won’t dare say what you write to someones face.  I was just tired of everything on Social Media in 2017.
  2.  I was busy.  Like I said, I traveled.  I spent time with the ones I love the most.  I had fantastic conversations with people that I haven’t talked with in years.  Business was better than it has ever been and simply there were not enough hours in the day to blog.

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