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The “Turning My Cell Phone Off” Experiment

Friday night I made a decision.  I turned to my wife, while we were driving to dinner with our kids, and said:  “Please take my cell phone”.  She looked at me a little weird and acted as anyone would,  and said “Why?”.  I told her I wanted to disconnect for a little bit.  I told her I didn’t want to check Facebook, Twitter, E-mail for 24 hours.  I told her that whatever it was, it could wait.  I had everyone that I loved in that car and wanted to give my 2 kids and my wife 100% of my attention.   It sounds simple, doesn’t it?

It wasn’t as simple as it sounds.  I am always checking “status” updates.  I always check who “liked” something, or what new tweet was shared.  I always want to know what e-mails have come in to see what  is going on in the recruiting process.  It has become exhausting.  I have not given direct attention  to the world that is going on around me right at that moment.

The question is what did I see?  What did I notice by watching and listening?  I saw my kids at Gymnastics.  I see them every week, but I really saw them this week.  I saw how good they were and I saw them grow up right in front of my face.  I’m not saying I don’t pay attention to them when I take them, but I really saw every move and every facial expression that they made.  I was present in the moment.

I saw my daughter

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