Here’s our process

Step 1

Intake call

The process will start with an intake call where we get the opportunity to understand YOUR company. We want to understand your vision. Why are you looking for a candidate? We want to understand in your words what the “ideal fit would look like” to have someone join your organization. What are some of the struggles you have been having? Have you used a recruiting agency to recruit previously? What has been your experience?

Step 2

Face to Face Meeting

After the intake call, we want to see your office, get an idea of the culture and perks your organization may have. We want to get to know you as a hiring manager and find out what you are looking for in a candidate, understanding what your “must have” and “nice to have” qualities would be. We want to understand your hiring process and timeframe to hire.

Step 3

Employment Agreement

Before we begin in a search, we will send over Employment Agreement which outlines our commitment to conduct the search as well as agreed upon terms. Once the contract is executed, we will begin the search!

Step 4

Sourcing Candidates

Finding the candidates can be the hardest part of the search. We begin an exhaustive search based upon your specific needs to find the right individuals. We use our personal networks of over 25 years of recruiting, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Social profiles and our proprietary database to find the right candidate. Once we find what we deem an appropriate fit for your role, we will submit the candidate to the hiring manager for review.

Step 5

The Write Up

We don’t send over a dozen resumes for you to go through. It is our job to thoroughly screen and select the candidates for you, thus saving your precious time. We send only the “best of the best”. For every candidate we send, we may have spoken to several dozen candidates about your role. We write a detailed report on everything you need to know about the candidate. This includes a proprietary assessment showing how likely the found employee would work at your environment. This write up will include explanations of the job changes, salary history, successes and failures. Our goal is for you to get a full picture of who you are interviewing before you spend time sitting down with them.

Step 6

The interview Process

We will want to fully understand your interview process and how your organization makes a decision on who to hire. Our team assists with scheduling. We know as a sales leader you are out in the field selling your product and may not have the time to set up next steps in the process. This is where we can help! We will help coordinate the candidate’s schedule with your schedule and facilitate the interview process. providing feedback to the candidate on your behalf and arranging subsequent interviews as needed.

Step 7

The Offer

Once you have decided to make the hire, we will continue to help ensure a continued smooth process. In the initial screening, we will have discussed salary requirements and will work to get the candidate hired within your budget. We will request benefit information and convey that and any other important information to the candidate, helping to negotiate to agreeable terms for both parties if need be.

Step 8

The Lame Duck

With less than a 2% unemployment rate, we have to stay on top of the candidate to make sure they are engaged and ready to go to work on the start date. In this economy, expect counter offers from current employers and other companies that are going to continue to poach your new hire. It is our job to make sure that doesn’t happen. We will in constant communication with the new hire as well as with you.

Step 9

The Post Hire

We do check- in’s with your new employee every 30, 60, and 90 days. We want to hear what the candidates like about the job, if they have any concerns and what they may dislike about their job. This is a crucial time period and if there are any issues, we want to make sure to relay them to you immediately.

Step 10

The Invoice

We invoice when the first day of the candidate’s employment. All payments are due within 30 days of invoicing.

Step 11

The Replacement

Should a candidate leave within 90 days, Bulls Eye offers a guarantee. Details of this will be outlined in the employment Agreement. Bottom line, we want our clients to be happy. We understand that sometimes things happen out of our control and the bottom line is we want to make sure you are very satisfied with your experience.