Bulls Eye Recruiting

Dear Recruiter, Candidates are People Too!

I will admit it, I am new at this whole recruiter thing.  You see, I have been a nurse for 21 years and have only dipped my toes in the field of recruiting for the past two years.  Since I’m in my career infancy, what could I possibly have to say about recruiting?

Like I mentioned, I am also a nurse.  With a continued national nursing shortage, I have one of the most in-demand professions out there which means I have encountered more than my fair share of recruiters trying to place me in various nursing positions.

Here is some advice I think recruiters should take to heart and implement in their practice.  It seems like small stuff, but it matters.

1) Get my name right.  Nothing is more annoying that reading an e-mail that literally reads, Dear (insert name here).  The numbskull didn’t even type my name in the blank!  Nothing screams spam more than that.  No, I don’t care about anything you have to offer if you can’t be bothered to literally insert name here.  Almost as annoying is calling me Laura Thompson, Laura Thomason, Laura Tomson etc.  Please, for the love, get my name right.

2) Personalize your message.  I realize that this isn’t always possible but when you can it does make a big difference. Maybe you came across a blog I wrote that you enjoyed or noticed that we are both from the same state.  If you have the opportunity to make the connection personalized, it will get their attention.

3) Avoid saying, “exciting opportunity.” Dear (insert name here), I came across your profile and wanted to reach out to you about an exciting opportunity in Marne, Iowa. Really? I don’t care how amazing the job is, the likelihood of it truly being “an exciting opportunity” located in rural Iowa is extremely improbably. (As a proud Iowan, I can attest to this.) I have been guilty of saying those two words as well, we all have. It comes off insincere and salesy. Candidates can read that loud and clear.

If you are recruiting me for a nursing gig, show me the money! Don’t tell me “fantastic sign on bonuses”, tell me “sign on bonuses starting at $15k with a 2 year commitment”. Now you have my attention and yes, let’s connect, tell me more about the position.

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